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plantscape solutions for home & office

Fill Your Space with Plants


Plant Containers

Whether in a living room, office, hotel lobby, outside patio or walkway, Happy Trees indoor and outdoor planters are ideal for framing a site, be a focal point or leading your eye into a beautiful flora landscape.  Happy Trees planters are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes and are planted with the best looking, happy and healthy plants and flowers.  Through our plant maintenance program, we will keep these happy plants thriving and looking their best.  


Interior Spaces

Happy Trees excel in planting life and happiness into a space. Plants not only beautify a space, create oxygen and bring a pleasing sense of calm and nature into a room, but they make a space instantly look more luxurious.  Bringing the outdoors in is just one of our goals in creating interior landscapes.  Our flowers, plants and trees will complete the look of the room you have always wanted.  In effort to keep your plants happy, we offer maintenance services on an as needed basis from watering to plant care.


Outdoor Spaces

Happy Trees has vision which will transform a dull landscape into a captivating, happy experience filled with color, fragrance and textures that will stimulate your senses.  We extend the indoors to the outdoors by creating outdoor rooms, walkways and landings.  Our skilled landscape architects will create new and or modify existing hardscapes to get the biggest bang for a space.  We specialize in low maintenance, environmentally friendly plants that will be happy in their planted setting.  Happy Trees will take care of these plants as well.  Ask about our plant maintenance program.


Landscape Design & Maintenance

Happy Trees designers have professional landscape certifications as well as a great knowledge of landscape architecture. Drawing on  historical and contemporary landscapes our designers will dream up creative and beautiful solutions for your indoor and outdoor plantscpaes.  Through our horticultural expertise and many years of professional experience we will keep your plants alive and happy to enhance your surroundings.


"A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house."

Beth Ditto

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