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We Are the Happy Trees

We believe that plants have a central role in our modern lifestyle & wellbeing to transform urban spaces into beautiful, healthy and luxurious environments.

Happy Trees takes a holistic approach to plants in the human environment.  We focus on bringing the outdoors in, creating a connection with our natural environment. With our expertise and creative skill we will enhance your rooms with healthy and happy plantings that will not only increase the beauty and luxury of your space, but will produce a connection to and celebration of Nature.  Happy Trees also specializes in the maintenance of your indoor and outdoor plants from containers to gardens. Let us know how we may create and maintain a happy and healthy plantscape for you.  

Get to Know Us


Brian Neelley

Horticulture Ninja

Brian has worked in the professional design and maintenance of plant installations for restaurants, businesses and private residences and has a green thumb when it comes to plant health.  

Andrew Pic.jpg

Andrew Mann

Landscape Designer

Andrew has a landscape design certificate as well as a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning with an architecture and landscape emphasis and a life long passion for combining the built and natural landscape.


P: 773.454.7107

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