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Plant Containers

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Whether in a living room, office, hotel lobby, or outside patio or walkway, Happy Trees Containers will frame a site, be a focal point, or lead your eye into a beautiful, pleasing flora landscape.  Happy Trees containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are planted with the best looking, long lasting, and well maintained plants for your setting. 


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Happy Trees excel in planting life and happiness into a space. Plants not only beautify a space, but they create oxygen and bring a pleasing sense of calm, cleanliness, and nature into a room.  Bringing the outdoors in is just one of our goals in creating interior landscapes.  Our plants and trees will complete the look of the room you have always wanted.

Small Gardens

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Happy Trees has vision to take a sad landscape and turn it into a stimulating and luxurious experience filled with color, fragrance and beauty.  We extend the indoors to the outdoors by creating outdoor rooms, walkways, and landings.  Our skilled landscape architects will efficiently design new, or improve existing gardens into happy settings full of life.  We want you to  get the biggest bang for your space.  


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Happy Trees designers have accredited landscape architecture certificates as well as a great knowledge of historical and contemporary landscapes.  This will allow our designers to not only dream up creative, beautiful solutions for your indoor and outdoor spaces, but also take care of our installations on a regular basis.  We will schedule service calls to shine, clean, trim, replace and keep plantings in top health and looking happy.

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