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Our Work

Happy Trees takes a holistic approach to plants in the human environment.  We focus on bringing the outdoors in, creating a connection with our natural environment. With our expertise and creative skill we will enhance your rooms with healthy and happy plantings that will not only increase the beauty and luxury of your space, but will produce a connection to and celebration of Nature.  Happy Trees also specializes in the maintenance of your indoor and outdoor plants from containers to gardens. Let us know how we may create and maintain a happy and healthy plantscape for you.  


commercial BEAUTY!

Happy Trees was hired by Eddie V's Prime Seafood, a popular and highly rated fine dining establishment  in downtown Fort Lauderdale to help them create a luxurious flora setting that was on par with their food and service.  They were considering installing fake plants as the live plants they had were not in good shape.  We convinced them for a minimal budget we could transform their outdoor spaces into a lush and luxurious setting that would remind patrons that they were dining in tropical Florida.  


To keep costs low, we used their existing planters and just repositioned them around the restaurant for maximum visual effect.  We moved some of the larger planters to the outside railing so that they could be seen from pedestrians on the streets and motorists on Las Olas Blvd. a main thoroughfare through downtown Fort Lauderdale.  


We also cleaned up and utilized  some of their existing plantings to keep down costs.  We combined the existing plantings with more colorful and exotic plants full of texture and movement.  The planters are now full and lush and create a fun and tropical space in which to dine. The transformation has elated both management and staff as well as restaurant patrons who love to sit outside and enjoy the Florida weather.


Small Budget, BIG results!

This client had a very small budget and did not want to spend more than $1000 on fixing up her front garden.  Happy Trees worked our magic and transformed her unsightly and overgrown space into a lush, tropical and colorful garden full of interest and pizzaz.


First we cleaned out the overgrown plants and saved a few of the existing plants by cutting them back and moving others.  Then we added just a few varieties of plants for a clean look, but made sure the plants we chose had a lot of color and interest.  All of the plantings were low maintenance and well accustomed to the Florida climate.  


With a little fertilizer, the plants took off and filled in nicely.  Our client was extremely pleased with the grand effect the small investment has made on her home.  Her neighbors all love it. as well.




Roof Top Revitalization!

A client in Miami Beach moved into an existing condo with a large roof deck space that had a lot of overgrown plants, vines, and shrubs.


Happy trees cleaned up the space by removing overgrown plants and moving other plants to create order and continuity.We used the customer's existing planters to keep expenses down while we focused on the plantings.  

By positioning the planters around seating and other areas we created outdoor rooms and conversation areas.  We framed a bar space with tropical Bird of Paradise to create an island vibe. 


We will continue to add to this space by introducing an herb garden and citrus fruit trees for fragrance and to use in cocktails.  Orchids and ferns will also be added around a new dining area


From drab, to COLORful!

A client in Aventura moved into a large Mediterranean townhome with a pool area that was not being used to its potential.  He hired Happy Trees to brighten up the space and install an assortment of planters around the pool area on a new turf yard that was going to be installed.


The client wanted lot's of color in the planters and the plantings and wanted flowers that would attract butterflies and hummingbirds.


We sourced a variety of sized ceramic planters in different shades of blue to pick up the color of the sky and pool.  We filled the planters with tropical flowers and vines to attract birds and butterflies.   In 6 month's time the plants and flowers were exploding with growth and are now very lush.  Happy Trees services this yard monthly to keep the plantings well shaped and clean and healthy. 

The client was so pleased that we are now doing their other homes.